Comparison of average alpha diversity values of isolates obtained on PT, PS, and PW media

Sample sourceDiversity metricAvg value on mediuma
RiverChao187.2 A134.9 B132.9 B
Observed species29.7 A37.5 B37.0 B
PD whole tree2.4 A2.9 B2.9 B
SedimentChao170.9 A121.9 B103.6 B
Observed species29.4 A35.9 B33.7 C
PD whole tree2.3 A2.9 B2.8 B
SoilChao159.6 A120.1 B113.6 B
Observed species27.6 A35.6 B36.1 B
PD whole tree2.0 A2.8 B2.9 B
  • a All averages of diversity measures were calculated using 10 iterations of data rarefied to the lowest number of isolates obtained on a single growth medium. Significant differences (P < 0.05) indicated by letters across rows were calculated using Student's t tests of all the iterated data for replicates for each sample source-medium combination.