Candidate pC3-encoded TASs of B. cenocepacia K56-2

Toxin/antitoxin candidateaAmino acid positionAmino acid inb:
K56-2H111 homologous sequence
PsaBIdentical sequence
PsaA (133)6Threonine (T, polar, uncharged)Proline (P, nonpolar, aliphatic)
PsbBIdentical sequence
PsbC (163)23Arginine (R, polar, positively charged)Cysteine (C, polar, uncharged)
45Tryptophan (W, aromatic)Serine (S, polar, uncharged)
PsbA (171)9Glycine (G, nonpolar, aliphatic)Arginine (R, polar, positively charged)
37Leucine (L, nonpolar, aliphatic)Phenylalanine (F, aromatic)
50Alanine (A, nonpolar, aliphatic)Glutamate (E, polar, negatively charged)
PscANo homolog
  • a The size of the proteins (in number of amino acids) is given in parentheses. See Fig. S2 in the supplemental material for the sequences.

  • b One-letter amino acid abbreviations, amino acid polarities, and R-group characteristics are given in parentheses.