Protein compositions of functionally distinct metabolosomes

BMC typeNo. and name of shell protein gene(s)Gene(s) for aldehyde-generating enzymesGene for core metabolosome enzymes
BMC-HBMC-TBMC-P1,2-Propanediol oxidoreductaseAldolasePropionaldehyde generatingAcetaldehyde generatingAldehyde dehydrogenasePhosphotransferaseAcyl kinaseAlcohol dehydrogenase
PDU (S. enterica)3; pduA, -J, -K, -U2; pduB, -T1; pduNNoneNonepduCDEa (B12-dependent diol dehydratase)NonepduPapduLapduWapduQa
EUT (S. enterica)3; eutK, -M, -S1; eutL1; eutNNoneNoneNoneeutBCa (ethanolamine ammonia lyase)eutEaeutDaackaeutGa
PDU2 (C. phytofermentans)4; Cphy_1176, Cphy_1180, Cphy_1181, Cphy_11821; Cphy_11861; Cphy_1184Cphy_1185Cphy_1177Cphy_1174 (B12-independent diol dehydratase)NoneCphy_1178Cphy_1183Cphy_1327Cphy_1179
PV (P. limnophilus)2; pvmD, -E03; pvmH, -K, -MNonepvmNNoneNonepvmJpvmBpvmGpvmO
  • a Experimentally verified function. Accession numbers for genes are provided in Tables S1 and S4 in the supplemental material.