Kinetic and yield parameters from stepwise chemostat experiments, calculated from slopes of lines in Fig. 6

ParameterValue by strain
CACA6HS2CA6 plus tungsten
Dilution rate (h−1)0.0660.0660.0660.066
Biomass yield (mg dry wt g−1 substrate)23.5821.7221.6315.78
Hydrogen yield (μg H2 g−1 substrate)1.93164.18178.21697.64
CO2 yield (g CO2 g−1 substrate)1.431.081.020.99
H2 productivity (μg H2 g−1 substrate h−1)0.1310.8411.7646.04
CO2 productivity (g CO2 g−1 substrate h−1)
Biomass productivity (mg dry wt g−1 substrate h−1)1.561.431.431.04