Effect of maternal SF diet during pregnancy on growth performance and diarrhea rate of suckling piglets

ParameteraMean (n = 12)bSEMP value
Initial BW (kg)1.581.610.040.95
Final BW (kg)6.49 B7.09 A0.160.04
ADG (g/day)
    Wk 1188.42229.7613.320.12
    Wk 2261.32252.578.510.62
    Wk 3251.23 B301.27 A9.10<0.01
    Wk 1 to 3233.66 B261.20 A6.740.04
Diarrhea rate (%)13.69 A10.35 B0.700.04
Diarrhea index0.54 A0.19 B0.04<0.01
  • a BW, body weight; ADG, average daily gain.

  • b Values within a row with different uppercase letters differ significantly at a P value of <0.05. CON, control diet group; SF, 2.0% pregelatinized waxy maize starch and guar gum diet group.