Metagenome-wide association and KEGG enrichment analysis show that bacterial pathways significantly influence D. melanogaster SR

IdentifierRelevant characteristics (strain name; resistance; PMID or accession no.)aPreferred mediumbOxygen conditionsc
7636Escherichia coli BW25113 (CGSC wild type); 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
8399CGSC 7636 ΔspeE739::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
8422CGSC 7636 Δpfs-773::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
8713CGSC 7636 ΔahpC744::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
9346CGSC 7636 ΔspeG732::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
9386CGSC 7636 ΔgstA785::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
9453CGSC 7636 ΔkatE731::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
9859CGSC 7636 ΔpdxB729::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
9920CGSC 7636 ΔpdxK747::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
10018CGSC 7636 ΔglyA725::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
10100CGSC 7636 ΔluxS768::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
10758CGSC 7636 ΔmetE774::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
10798CGSC 7636 ΔsodA768::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
10826CGSC 7636 ΔmetF728::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
10856CGSC 7636 ΔmetA780::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
10862CGSC 7636 ΔmetH786::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
11994CGSC 7636 ΔyjiA750::kan; Kmr; 10829079, 16738554LBOxic
aaceAcetobacter aceti NBRC 14818; BABW00000000mMRSOxic
acewAcetobacter orientalis DmW_048; JOOY00000000mMRSOxic
aci5Acetobacter sp. strain DmW_043; JOMN00000000mMRSOxic
ain2Acetobacter indonesiensis DmW_046; JOMP00000000mMRSOxic
amacAcetobacter malorum DmCS_005; JOJU00000000mMRSOxic
aoriAcetobacter orientalis DmW_045; JOMO00000000mMRSOxic
apa3Acetobacter pasteurianus 3P3; CADQ00000000mMRSOxic
apanAcetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 101655; BACF00000000mMRSOxic
apnbAcetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 106471 or LMG 1262; PRJDA65547mMRSOxic
apocAcetobacter pomorum DmCS_004; JOKL00000000mMRSOxic
atrcAcetobacter tropicalis DmCS_006; JOKM00000000mMRSOxic
atrnAcetobacter tropicalis NBRC 101654; BABS00000000mMRSOxic
bsubBacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis strain 168; NC_000964.3LBOxic
ecokEscherichia coli strain K-12 substrain MG1655; NC_000913.3LBOxic
efavEnterococcus faecalis V583; NC_004668.1BHIOxic
efogEnterococcus faecalis OG1RF; NC_017316.1BHIOxic
ehorEnterobacter hormaechei ATCC 49162; AFHR00000000LBOxic
galbGluconobacter sp. strain DsW_056; JOPF00000000PotatoOxic
ge5pGluconacetobacter europaeus 5p3; CADS00000000PotatoOxic
gfraGluconobacter frateurii NBRC 101659; BADZ00000000PotatoOxic
ghanGluconacetobacter hansenii ATCC 23769; ADTV01000000PotatoOxic
goboGluconacetobacter oboediens 174Bp2; CADT00000000PotatoOxic
gxylGluconacetobacter xylinus NBRC 3288; NC_016037.1PotatoOxic
laniLactobacillus animalis KCTC 3501; AEOF00000000mMRSMicrooxic
lbgaLactobacillus brevis subsp. gravesensis ATCC 27305; NZ_ACGG01000000mMRSMicrooxic
lbrcLactobacillus brevis DmCS_003; JOKA00000000mMRSMicrooxic
lbucLactobacillus buchneri NRRLB-30929; ACGG00000000mMRSMicrooxic
lfalLeuconostoc fallax KCTC 3537; AEIZ00000000mMRSMicrooxic
lferLactobacillus fermentum ATCC 14931; ACGI00000000mMRSMicrooxic
lfrcLactobacillus fructivorans DmCS_002; JOJZ00000000mMRSMicrooxic
lfrkLactobacillus fructivorans KCTC 3543; AEQY00000000mMRSMicrooxic
llacLactococcus lactis BPL1; JRFX00000000mMRSMicrooxic
lmliLactobacillus mali KCTC 3596 = DSM 20444; BACP00000000mMRSMicrooxic
lplcLactobacillus plantarum DmCS_001; JOJT00000000mMRSMicrooxic
lplwLactobacillus plantarum WCFS1; NC_004567.2mMRSMicrooxic
lrhaLactobacillus rhamnosus GG; NC_013198.1mMRSMicrooxic
pburProvidencia burhodogranariea DSM 19968; AKKL00000000LBOxic
  • a Kmr, kanamycin resistance.

  • b Abbreviations and media are described in Materials and Methods.

  • c Solid and liquid conditions for oxic and microoxic conditions are described in Materials and Methods.