Results of linear models for the effect of selected factors, as obtained after the preliminary screening process for each of the four sites, on chlorophyll a and Bray-Curtis dissimilarity index as an estimate of community composition shift based on bacterial phyla and cyanobacteriaa

Dependent variableFort BlissJornadaNoseconeBurr Buttercup
Factor (level)dfFPFactor (level)dfFPFactor (level)dfFPFactor (level)dfFP
Chl a contentWater (+)14.140.039Water (+)111.030.005Light (−)18.990.009Water (+)110.840.005
Light (−)13.970.042Light (−)15.560.034Water (+)16.240.024Light (−)19.920.006
Nutrients (P+N)23.870.047Nutrients (P)23.940.041
BC (bacterial phyla)Inoculum (S)16.410.024Inoculum (S)15.490.041Water (+)16.160.027Nutrients (P+N)211.780.001
Nutrients (P)24.810.026Nutrients (P)23.970.040Light (−)15.950.029Inoculum (S)110.430.008
Nutrients (N)23.880.047Calcium (+)18.830.012
Water (+)17.810.017
Light (−)16.630.023
BC (cyanobacteria)Inoculum (S)13.990.048Water (+)16.650.021Inoculum (S)19.650.008
Calcium (−)15.850.029Light (−)16.180.025Water (+)16.070.028
Nutrients (P+N)24.840.026
  • a In parentheses, levels of factors that maximized the production of biomass (chlorophyll a [Chl a]) or minimized changes in community composition (Bray-Curtis [BC] based on bacterial phyla or cyanobacteria) according to LS means tests (P ≤ 0.05) (P, addition of phosphorus; N, addition of nitrogen; S, slurry-like inoculum).