Summary statistics for the different collections of R. pseudosolanacearum phylotype I strains, based on MLVA-7 locia

CollectionHostnNo. of haplotypesG/N ratioMean NaIHEAllelic richness
Pirogue 2007 (Martinique)Soil, Musa fallow3850.1321.4290.1600.1011.22
Vallon 1999 Solanaceae, Geraniaceae9680.0831.8600.1980.1111.28
Vallon 2009 Solanaceae 9070.0781.7140.2790.1821.48
Vallon 2012 Solanum lycopersicum 319320.1004.7140.5110.2981.64
  • a n, number of strains; G/N ratio, ratio of the number of genotypes to the number of strains; Na, number of different alleles; I, Shannon's information index; HE (or Hub), Nei's unbiased diversity index. All statistics were calculated with GenAlex v. 6.5.