Comparison of dispersion loads across different experiments

Dispersion exptDispersion load
Sink counter (>30 in.)Sink bowlFaucets and faucet handlesSplatter shields
Microspheres (microspheres/cm2)
    Offset drain inoculated with microspheres0NAaNANA
    Sink bowl coated with microspheres206 ± 10NANANA
GFP-expressing E. coli (CFU/cm2)
    P-trap inoculated with GFP-expressing E. coli0000
    Offset drain inoculated with GFP-expressing E. coli0NANANA
    Sink bowl coated with GFP-expressing E. coli232 ± 17NANANA
    Strainer colonized with GFP-expressing E. coli171 ± 15342 ± 1717 ± 33 ± 1
  • a NA, not applicable.