Glucan amounts of various diatom species, related to dry weight and growth phase

SpeciesSampling growth phaseMediumaTemperature (°C)Light cycle (light h/dark h)Irradiance (μmol photons m−2 s−1)Glucan wt (pg cell−1)Hydrolysis methodReference
T. weissflogii Mean over 60 daysF/22024/030045.2AcidLi (61)
T. pseudonana Late exponentialF/22012/12752.4AcidBrown (58)
Skeletonema marinoi Late exponentialF/22012/12752.5AcidBrown (58)
Chaetoceros debilis Late stationaryF/2182420015.8AcidStørseth et al. (59)
Chaetoceros affinis ExponentialF/101314/10 40.0AcidMyklestad and Haug (60)
S. marinoi StationaryF/101314/10200375.0AcidGranum et al. (13)
T. weissflogii Late exponentialNEPCC1512/1214016.0AcidThis study
T. pseudonana Late exponentialNEPCC1512/121401.3AcidThis study
T. weissflogii Late exponentialNEPCC1512/1214015.0EnzymaticThis study
T. pseudonana Late exponentialNEPCC1512/121401.5EnzymaticThis study
  • a Details for the F/2 and F/10 media can be found in reference 62; details for the NEPCC medium can be found in reference 55.