Comparison of end product titers and glucose distribution between strain EB216 and EB216-ΔpykA

StrainTiter (in mM) of end product (%)a
BiomassbPyruvateLactateAcetateEthanolButyraten-ButanolGluc. cons.c
EB21615.42 (6)15.45 (16)8.64 (9)1.38 (1)18.53 (20)2.06 (4)22.84 (49)46.39 (107d)
EB216-ΔpykA23.83 (5)4.43 (3)9.49 (6)2.01 (1)27.46 (17)4.48 (5)55.54 (68)78.50 (109d)
  • a Calculations were performed on the basis of the data collected at the final point (72 h) as indicated in Fig. 1. Each value indicates the glucose distribution for specific end product, which is the value of the theoretical amount of glucose consumed for one end product divided by the practical amount of total consumed glucose. Italic highlighting indicates decreased glucose distribution. Bold highlighting indicates increased glucose distribution.

  • b The biomass was calculated from the OD600 using the following equation: biomass (in grams per liter) = OD600 × 0.25. The molecular formula for E. coli biomass is CH1.77O0.49N0.24 (21).

  • c Gluc. cons., total glucose consumed in 72 h.

  • d The value indicates the carbon balance, which is calculated as the amount of glucose theoretically used for all the detected end products divided by the amount of glucose used in practice. The total value exceeds 100% due to the presence of yeast extract.