Average recoveries of an E. caproni ovum matrix spiked into raw and treated wastewatera

MethodMatrixAvg recovery (σ)
APost-grit removal3.1 (3.2)
Post-UV treatment3.1 (1.2)
BPost-grit removal3.5 (2.5)
Post-UV treatment4.1 (5.1)
CPost-grit removal2.4 (0.48)
Post-UV treatment3.8 (0.05)
DPost-grit removal9.1 (12)
Post-UV treatment4.0 (0.96)
  • a Three replicate extractions were performed for each treatment. Four lysis methods were compared. DNA was subsequently purified using the column purification steps in the Mo Bio PowerFecal kit. Samples (250 μl) were subjected to either 10 freeze-thaw cycles (dry ice-ethanol to 98°C) and a 1-h proteinase K digestion (method A) or 5 freeze-thaw cycles and a 1-h proteinase K digestion (method B). In methods C and D, samples were subjected to 10 and 5 freeze-thaw cycles, respectively.