Plasmids used in this work

PlasmidDescriptionReference or source
pCOR31pBBR6::oriT trwABC gfp neoThis work
pCOR33pBBR6::oriT trwABC:BID gfp neoThis work
pCOR35pBBR6::oriT trwAB gfp neoThis work
pCOR52Rescued integrated plasmidThis work
pHP159pBBR6::oriT trwABC gfpa17
pHP161pBBR6::oriT trwABC gfpa17
pHP181pBBR6::oriT trwAB gfp17
pKK223-3Expression vectorPharmacia
pLA24pBBR6::oriT trwABC:BID gfp17
pMTX708pTRE2hyg::Ptac-oriTbThis work
pMTX709pTRE2hyg::Ptac-oriTbThis work
pOD1pKK223-3::oriTThis work
pRS56Cre-lox neo15
pRS130pBGR::mob:BID gfp neo16
pTRE2hygMammalian shuttle vectorClontech
  • a pHP159 and pHP161 differ only in the orientation of the gfp cassette, which is in the same orientation as the Plac promoter in pHP161 and in the opposite in pHP159.

  • b pMTX708 and pMTX709 differ only in the orientation of the Ptac-oriT cassette. In pMTX708, oriT is closer to the hygromycin resistance gene.