Putative pathogenic microorganisms and coinfections detected in ticks

Microorganism(s)No. of ticks
Single infections195
    Borrelia spp.109
    Rickettsia spp.65
    Babesia spp.4
    “Ca. Neoehrlichia mikurensis”14
    A. phagocytophilum3
Dual infections37
    Borrelia spp. + Rickettsia spp.22
    Borrelia spp. + Babesia spp.4
    Borrelia spp. + A. phagocytophilum1
    Borrelia spp. + “Ca. Neoehrlichia mikurensis”5
    Rickettsia spp. + Babesia spp.3
    Babesia spp. + “Ca. Neoehrlichia mikurensis”2
Triple infections3
    Borrelia spp. + Rickettsia spp. + “Ca. Neoehrlichia mikurensis”1
    Rickettsia spp. + Babesia spp. + “Ca. Neoehrlichia mikurensis”2